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Ruptured Disc

A ruptured disc is one of the worse back conditions you will have to deal with. It normally comes about from severe muscle spasm around a disc causing so much pressure, that the disc gives way and ruptures. 

Getting relief from a ruptured disc can be a very long slow process. When a disc ruptures the fluid contained within the disc is released into the body and the disc is effectively destroyed.

Treatment for ruptured disc is normally surgery to remove the remains of the disc and a fusion to the vertebrae above and below it to stabilize the spine at that level. A more modern approach may even be to replace the disc with an artificial one and the fusion may be skipped in this case.

Although surgery can be avoided in some cases often the pain is so bad that people opt for it to speed up their relief.

The thing about a ruptured disc is it happens after a condition in the body develops over a long period of time, except in very rare situations. Normally there has to be a reason why the body applies so much pressure to the disc causing it to eventually rupture.

Like most back conditions the underlying cause can usually be found if you analyze the mechanics of the body and look at such things as pelvis mal-alignment and muscle imbalances as what sets up a ruptured disc.

Should surgery be the chosen path to get relief from a ruptured disc then these other mechanical problems should always be addressed to ensure long term success from the surgery.

Normally someone gets warning that they have a disc problem, as the first symptoms are more likely to be a disc bulge or herniation and when it progresses to a rupture it is usually because these earlier problems are not addressed properly or in some cases, even ignored.

Keeping your body in a healthy condition so a ruptured disc is a very low risk is obviously the ideal situation but there does need to be some education to enable people to know how they can do this.

A lot of this education is common sense like eating a good diet, getting plenty of sleep not over exerting yourself physically and keeping stress levels low.

However one aspect that is little known and probably the most important is: maintaining a good balance to the muscle system and therefore correct mechanical function in the body. By doing this a person will keep pressure off the discs and limit the chance of a disc rupture ever occurring.

Another good preventative measure is keeping the pressure off the vertebrae and discs locally using my unique a technique for getting instant relief from back pain and sciatica. This is demonstrated on a video that is free to watch.

Even if a person is not already suffering from these conditions this technique is a great way of maintaining a healthy supple spine and limiting the chance of back condition, like a ruptured disc, even happening.

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"Hi Steve,
Thank you for all your great tips , exercises and help guidance toward getting rid of my pain without a need of anyone apart from doing what you suggests in your emails! Yours Sincerely,"

Marta Parisi

"Hi Steve ,
The book and DVD have arrived and I have tried the exercises for 2 days only and not fully at that .While I am not wanting to get carried away ,some of my worst pain has gone today and I have been suffering for more than a year and paid out hundreds of dollars on treatment .If only this can continue !! "

Don Pearce

" Hi Steve
Your treatment that I read about via the internet has worked miracles for me! I've had that nagging achy lower back pain for over a year and then 1 treatment with the tennis balls and the pain totally cleared up and I can do everything else I was doing again - I'm an athletics coach amongst other things! best wishes "

Tim Foulger

I have been using your program for a month plus now & there is great improvement in "my lower back. I am now able to walk for about an hour four times a week. For three months before the treatment started I could barely put one foot in front of the other.
Thanks for all your information,"

Alice Moore

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