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We have a number of skilled SLM Practitioners already trained and are adding therapists to our directory all the time with our new Professional Training Program on DVDs and text book. You will find them listed at

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If you would like to consult me in my clinic personally you can call:
0412 212 208 from anywhere in Australia
or on
# 61 4 1221 2208 from anywhere in the world
Please note: I am always happy to help where I can but if you wish to receive advice on a back pain problem you have, please post the question on the back pain forum.
You can also visit me at my clinic at:
Burleigh Natural Therapies
1863 Gold Coast Hwy
Burleigh Heads
QLD 4220
or send your correspondence to:
P.O.Box 450 Varsity Lakes
QLD 4227 Australia

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Sciatica pain, back pain sydney

About Us is a site created to inform people who suffer from sciatica and back pain about the real cause of their problem and the options available for their successful treatment

All of the information has been written by Steve Lockhart, the creator of the SLM Bodywork treatment method and a successful therapist with over 20 years practical experience at fixing all types of chronic pain.

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